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This irrigation system allows you to water your pots, containers, beds, borders or greenhouses evenly, with one turn of the tap. It is 23 metres in total length.

It can easily be installed using the flexible tubing which can be cut to required length & attached to an outside tap/hose. 

Contents include:

10 x End Dripper.
10 x Inline Dripper.
1 x 3/4” BSP Outside Tap Adaptor.
1 x Flow Control Valve.
1 x Filter Washer.
2 x Straight Connector.
15 x Tee Connector.
5 x End Clamp.
10 x Pipe Clip.
15 x Support Stake.
23m (75’) Vinyl Pipe.
Vinyl Pipe Diameter: 4mm (inner)  6mm (outer).

Irrigation System

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