A2 cutting mat 600mm x 450mm
This board will protect any surface that it is placed over such as desks, tables and benchtops.
It has been manufactured with a non-slip surface to provide grip when needing to make an accurate cut. This surface will also remain smooth for hundreds of cuts due to its self-healing design.
Its material absorbs the pressure of the cutting tool which helps maintain and preserve the life of knife blades saving you money on purchasing more blades.
Printed with grid lines and boxes to help with lining up straight cuts.
A great addition for any workshop or garage to prevent the work area from being damaged where you cut and slice your workpieces and other materials.
This product will help those that work on arts and crafts and benefit professionals, hobbyists, craftsmen and DIY handymen that don’t have a protective cutting surface.

A2 Cutting Mat 60x45cm