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Fixodent Plus Denture Adhesive 40g
Best Before 05 2025
Enjoy even the tough food with the strength of Fixodent Plus Unbeatable Hold premium denture adhesive. Thanks to its unbeatable hold and concentrated formula that steadily releases adhesive agents, Fixodent Plus Unbeatable Hold ensures you will reach the end of the day with exceptional 88% of the initial holding power. It also provides 10x stronger hold vs. no adhesive, so your dentures stay secure at every moment and while eating every kind of food. Equipped with a regular nozzle for an easy application, Fixodent Plus Unbeatable Hold is also flavour-free and does not affect the taste of foods.

Unbeatable hold within Fixodent line-up: up to 88% of the hold at the end of the day.
10X stronger hold vs. no adhesive and keeps the dentures securely in place.
Gives you the freedom of eating any kind of tough food due to the exceptional holding power.
 Acts as a cushion between gums and dentures, allowing for a customized fit.
 Easy to apply in thin strips, thanks to the regular nozzle.
 Flavour-free formula does not affect the taste of foods.
 Suitable for full and partial dentures.

Fixodent Plus Denture Adhesive 40g

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