Garnier Moisture+ Radiance Daily Energising Gel Moisturiser 50ml.

Garnier skin moisture radiance daily energising gel moisturiser is specially formulated to give the skin a hydration and radiance boost for a daily wake up.

It comes with a variety of specialised textures and carefully selected ingredients, each moisturiser is customised to match specific skin needs.

It has enhanced hydration boosting gel texture and tailored texture which is ultra-light, oil-free and quick to absorb.

It is enriched with citrus extracts, well known for their stimulating properties, it boosts the skin radiance and leaves it looking revitalised.

It is enriched with a patented hydrating active and reinforces the skin's barrier function, helping the skin to maintain its level of hydration.

Garnier Moisture Radiance Daily Energising Gel Moisturiser 50ml