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Grip Spoon and Fork Set Orange/White Colour Non-Slippery 7+ Months.
For weaning babies.
Easy to Grip handle to make it easy for the baby to hold.
Soft, non-toxic, and non-slippery handle for both parent and baby.
Essential feeding tool for parents.
Starting to feed your baby solid food? Use this set of Mini Be Baby Spoon and Fork to make the experience more fun and ultra safe! These utensils are made from hand moulded, soft and non-slippery materials so your child can learn how to hold it by themselves. It is completely non-toxic so you can let your child chew on the tip however they want, which is specially important when they are at the teething stage. The lively and bright colours will engage your baby's senses and catch their attention immediately.

Baby Easy Grip Spoon and Fork Set

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