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4 Piece Stainless Steel Roasting Pan Set with Removable Stainless Steel Racks.

All trays include removable grill racks and each pan has folding side handles.


4 Roasting Trays with folding handles (XL, L, M, S).
Removable racks, which help drain away excess oil and fats.
Stainless Steel.
Rustproof, hygienic and dishwasher safe.

XL - Length: 40.5cm - Width: 28.5cm - Depth: 5.25cm.
L - Length: 35cm - Width: 25.5cm - Depth:4.75cm.
M - Length: 30.5cm - Width: 23cm - Depth: 4.2cm.
S - Length: 25.5cm - Width: 20.5cm - Depth: 4cm.

Roast the best turkeys, lamb, chicken, pork, etc that you could possibly imagine!

Stainless Steel Roasting Tin Set

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