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UK Imported Vitamins

Our range of vitamins are proving really popular. We import them all from the UK where they are manufactured - all retailing at the everydaylow price of $6. Our range of 12 products currently includes: 1000mg Cod Liver Oil 30's, Calcium & Vitamin D 60's, Omega 500mg 30's, Zinc 60's, Glucosamine 30's, Folic Acid 60's, Ginkgo Biloba 30's, Selenium 30's, Garlic 60's, Vitamin D 60's, Vitamin B6 60's, Multivitamins & Iron 60's.

We will also be adding these new lines in April: Vitamin E 30's, Multivitamins 60s - without Iron.

Any other lines people would to see us selling?

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