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Build Your Defence This Winter

For anyone that suffers from a vitamin or supplement deficiency, we have a great range of vitamins and supplements ranging in price from $4 to $6.

Magnesium plays many crucial roles in the body, such as supporting muscle and nerve function and energy production. Valupak Vitamins Magnesium contribute to normal electrolyte balance, energy-yielding metabolism, functioning of the nervous system and protein synthesis.

Vitamin D tablets help to support normal immune system function, which can help lower the risk of contracting a cold or flu. It also plays a vital role in the process of cell division. Exposure to sunlight allows our bodies to naturally produce Vitamin D, but when there is a lack of sun, especially during the winter months, these levels can drop, leaving your immune system weakened to attack from cold and flu. Supplementing your diet with Vitamin D can aid your immunity when you need it the most. Vitamin D tablets could also be beneficial to those working indoors during the day or people who are housebound and unable to get into their garden.

Valupak Vitamins Garlic helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels and may help to maintain a healthy heart.

Well known for its antioxidant properties, Vitamin E helps protect the body from the damage that may be caused by an excess of highly reactive chemicals called free radicals. Strenuous exercise increases the levels of free radicals produced in the body’s cells, additional amounts of this vitamin may be required to help break them down. Food processing techniques, including boiling and frying, can destroy this important vitamin, so taking this supplement will ensure that your body gets the amount that it needs to stay healthy. Vitamin E enhances the action of vitamin A and by working together they can help to protect the lungs against air pollution. Vitamin E is involved in the maintenance of healthy skin, a healthy heart, blood cells and blood vessels and can help to reduce and dissolve blood clots. Pregnant and lactating women, as well as those using the contraceptive pill or taking hormones, may benefit from increasing their intake of Vitamin E.

Vitamin C helps in the maintenance of good health by playing a role in the normal function of the immune system. It also helps in normal energy releasing processes in the body and is an antioxidant vitamin that helps protect cells from oxidative stress. Valupak Chewable Vitamin C 80mg Tablets are useful nutritional supplements to help aid in good health and support the immune system.

In addition to these and our other vitamins and supplements, we also sell vapour rub and nasal decongestant inhalers. The vapour rub releases menthol vapour when applied to the skin. Also produces a mild tingling effect in the skin, and so can be used as an alternative to muscle rub. The nasal inhalers are made with natural oils to help ease breathing.


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