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Over 50 New Health and Beauty products have now splashed down and are already selling.

Our latest health and beauty products have arrived from the USA and Europe, our next shipment will hopefully be with us at the end of November / beginning of December - just in time for the summer and Christmas season.

We have added the Derma V10 brand to our online store, we will be continuing to grow these lines as they represent excellent quality and value for money. Derma V10 are one of the leading manufacturers of beauty and personal care products to UK high street retailers as well as supplying overseas markets.

They produce quality products at affordable prices, all of their products are tested and quality approved in the UK to the highest of standards. - More lines will be available when our next container arrives.

We have also introduced 2 Nivea Q10 creams. The Nivea Q10 Power Anti Wrinkle Night Cream 50ml and the Nivea Q10 Power SPF15 Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream 50ml. A further 6 Nivea products will be arriving on our next shipment. The Nivea range has been introduced to compliment our existing range from Olay.

A further 3 products have been added from L'Oreal, 6 from Elizabeth Arden and new lines from ROC and Clinique - There are more to come from all of these brands. As always we sell all items at our everyday low prices which means you do not have to wait for a sale, because we don't believe in the high / low pricing strategy employed by many retailers that double the price so they can then give 50% off. The price we sell at will only change up or down if the landed cost into New Zealand goes up or down, we will not over inflate the price we sell at just so we can then offer it at a lower "sales price".


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