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Stay toasty this winter

The settled weather seems to have left us and our customers are busy stocking up on those products that will keep their homes and themselves warm this winter. We've got you covered this winter with some great products at our everyday low prices. For your homes, we have the popular foam weather stripping to stop draughts around windows and doors and at just $4 for a total of 9 metres these are great value. For those older homes with single glazed windows check out our window insulation kits which will stop condensation and crying windows and help to maintain a healthy dry home. We also have a full range of curtain hanging products, with curtain wire, metal curtain hook and eyes, curtain hooks, curtain glide hooks, decorail and solo hooks. For personal warmth, we have microwavable cushions and soft toys, just pop the removable wheat bag in the microwave and these will help keep you warm during those chilly evenings. For those living in rural areas that are affected by frosts, we have car windscreen ice scrapers at just $4.

Also don't forget candles, just in case we have storms that knock out the power!


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